Welcome to the Hooked On Flies Trout fly shop!

Unlike many online fly shops, we focus exclusivly on trout flies, Not bass flies, not tarpon flies not ..., just trout flies. We also carry very few items(like none!) outside of our line of flies. All of our flies are tied with top of the line materials like Daichii hooks. Look at the other sites. Most of them will not list which hook manufacturer they use. The fly tying manufacturer we use has been in business for OVER 30 years, and they continue to grow adding a new facility just last year.

We have just relaunched our web site (your looking at it). We still have a few bugs to work out, but it is coming along quickly. Because of the new web framework we're using we will be able to easily add new features to this store.


As part of launching the new site there special prices on certain items. Which items depends on what we have in stock at any given point in time. These discounts unfortunately will not show unless you view your cart. There are also quantity discounts. Each additional fly of a particular size and type over 5 will be discounted by $0.05. Shipping is also reduced by $2.00 for orders over $50.

Good Luck on the water and here's wishing tight lines for everybody!